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To access our Grab Technologies services, you will be asked to sign in with an e-mail address and password, which we refer to as your credentials. In most cases, these credentials will be part of Grab Technologies, which means you can use the same credentials to sign in to many different sites and services. By signing in on the Grab Technologies site or service, you may automatically sign in to other sites and services. To know more about our privacy policy click the privacy policy link.

Privacy Policy

These terms and conditions are the terms on which we provide the Service to you. They apply to us and you. These terms supersede prior agreements. To know more about our terms and conditions click the terms and conditions link.

Terms of Service

We are so confident with the way our plans are designed and the prompt customer service we provide that we provide 30 days Money Back Guarantee. It’s a simple rule if you offer excellent service no client wants to cancel the service as it's a problem for both the client and the hosting service provider. It’s more problematic for the client, as he is upset and needs to transfer all his data to another host and again wait for the domains to resolve to another server which harms his business. To know more about our money back policy click the money back policy link.

Money Back Policy